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Sunstar Cleaning Management is the preferred service provider for various leisure venues, restaurants and bars in and around Calgary. We understand that hospitality industry demands highest hygiene standards. At Sunstar Cleaning Management, we understand that your key priority and strength is looking after your customer. It is our top priority to provide you with cleaning services that support you in delivering a positive experience to your customers, keeping you ahead of the pack.

At Sunstar Cleaning Management, we have developed a range of services specifically for hospitality, recreation and travel industry to save our customers time and money while delivering quality cleaning services. Whether you need commercial polishing and waxing for your venue or restaurant or you need complete commercial cleaning solution, we can offer the best service at very competitive prices.

Please review our complete offering below to see what we can do for you:

Our Cleaning Services for Venues and Restaurants

Venue and Restaurant Cleaning Services, Calgary

You can trust us to get the job done, whether it's the cleaning of offices, warehouses or public areas. We deliver the flexibility and pro-activeness expected in sports centers and entertainment centers such as casinos and clubs. We are expert in meeting you needs in a dynamic industry where the customer is king.


When it comes to cleaning services for the leisure industry, we are one step ahead of the rest because we:
  • Understand and address your cleaning needs.
  • Have a flexible and pro-active approach to your particular needs.
  • Change with your business and industry, helping to create a positive experience for your customer.


We can offer you a substantial saving on your current cleaning bill without compromising the quality of the cleaning service. Please CONTACT US now for a free no obligation quote or even if you’re just looking for free, friendly advice.